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Wrapper for the InputBase. It connects input field to 'react-hook-form' library.

It takes care of props: onChangeText, onBlur, value, errorText. Overriding those props could break the form connection.

Example usage
<FormInput  controller={email}  label='Email'  onSubmitEditing={focusPassword}  iconName='mail-outline'  autoCapitalize='none'/>

Forwarding ref#

You can forward ref of type TextInput from React Native. With ref, you can check for example if the field is focused.

const nameRef = useRef<TextInput>(null)// ...<FormInput ref={nameRef} controller={inputController}/>


Every TextInput prop from react-native-paper is valid.


Controller object returned from useController hook. Thanks to this prop the input is connected with a form.

import { useController } from 'react-hook-form'// ...const email = useController({  name: 'email',  // ...})
<FormInput controller={email}/>