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Root component for inputs. Specific inputs (e.g. InputPassword) wraps InputBase.

Thanks to that global changes like styling or changing component library can be done in this file only.

Internal elements#

It uses TextInput from react-native-paper library internally for input (this can be easily changed to bare TextInput from React Native).

Forwarding ref#

You can forward ref of type TextInput from React Native. With ref, you can check for example if the field is focused.

const nameRef = useRef<TextInput>(null)// ...<InputBase ref={nameRef}/>


Every TextInput prop from react-native-paper is valid.


To display the error message beneath the input you can pass errorText string.


To show the left-hand icon, pass iconName string from the icon library of your choice.

By default Production Ready Forms uses Ionicons from react-native-vector-icons library.

You can preview icon names on Be sure to check which version you're looking at as react-native-vector-icons can use older version that Ionicons website.